Esophageal & Anorectal Manometry Testing Services

Esophageal & Anorectal Manometry Testing Services

The single platform for high resolution manometry.

In one simple swallow test, the inSIGHT Ultima System with Zvu® Advanced GI Diagnostic Software accurately assesses oesophageal function by combining bolus transit dynamics with muscular activity.

Bolus transit may be the single most  important parameter for assessing  dysphagia and qualifying patients prior to anti-reflux surgery … information that cannot be gained with manometry alone.

Using impedance and manometry together clarifies which patients with manometric abnormalities may have oesophageal function disorders.

Chicago Classification 3.0

Chicago Classification 3.0

Zvu® Advanced GI Diagnostic Software – Vividly Smart, Powerfully Simple

Designed to enhance your experience with comprehensive, versatile, insightful real-time metrics at your fingertips. Visually stunning, pressure and impedance data with simplified control to customer views, colour palettes and report templates.

  • Dynamic real-time metrics with automated Chicago 3.0 and CLT (conventional line tracing) data
  • Simplified controls allowing easy transition between views, including impedance view
  • User-defined protocols for convenient, efficient workflow
  • Customisable views with flexible colour palettes, simple slider-bar and opacity controls
  • Collaborative dashboard enabling practitioners to share on-screen notes
  • Intuitive interface which minimises staff training

Swallow Atlas

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Swallow Atlas – Normal Swallow

Swallow Atlas – EGJ Outlet Obstruction

Swallow Atlas – IEM

Swallow Atlas – Achalasia Type I

Swallow Atlas – Achalasia Type II

Swallow Atlas – Achalasia Type III

Swallow Atlas – Jackhammer

Swallow Atlas – Hiatal Hernia