Our sister company Functional Gut Clinic is delighted to be the first centre in the UK to offer IBSchek* – a new blood test for IBS. A large proportion of IBS patients develop symptoms after a previous gastrointestinal infection (post infectious IBS). IBSchek is a new blood test has been developed to look for biomarkers that identify whether a previous gut infection has caused a reaction which could affect gut function.

IBSchek detects 2 biomarkers in the blood (anti-CdtB‡ and anti-vinculin) that are predictive of a previous gastroenteritis event. In a comprehensive clinical trial in more than 2,500 patients conducted in 180 centres around the U.S. IBSchek was found to be more commonly positive in IBS compared to patients with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and coeliac disease. IBSchek therefore provides a positive diagnosis of an organic cause for IBS in a proportion of IBS patients.

Once a positive diagnosis of IBS is made, Functional Gut Diagnostics can help to understand what effect IBS is having on your gut function and importantly what are the main factors contributing to your symptoms using targeted breath tests (Hydrogen and Methane breath test). We are also the UK’s leading centre offering the Wireless Motility Capsule (SmartPill) to assess whole gut motility and transit as well as profiling the pH in the colon which is a biomarker of bacterial fermentation (Caecal pH in IBS paper).

Your Doctor will then have all the information they need to provide targeted therapy or utilise non-pharmacological therapy provided by the Functional Gut Clinic’s Dietetics and Bowel re-training therapy specialist. This provides a unique IBS pathway for patients starting with a diagnosis, evaluation of the causes of your symptoms, therapy guided by scientific evidence and best practice, follow-up and support and re-testing to check for treatment efficacy.

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