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Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders have been under-diagnosed and subsequently underserved by the healthcare profession for many years. The collaboration between Functional Gut Diagnostics and The Functional Gut Clinic represents a unique enterprise combining extensive clinical, scientific and technical expertise focussed on addressing this predominantly unmet and growing need.

Using cutting edge Agilent technology, here at FGD we analyse patient breath samples by gas chromatography, providing the most accurate and efficient diagnosis currently available. This high throughput analysis allows us to analyse postal kits from across the nation as well as our own patients in the clinic, providing not just a breath testing kit but a full service for referrers.

Once a patient is referred FGD will send out the kits, providing a patient with clear instructions and visual aids, such as our instructional video, to allow them to carry out the test in the comfort of their own home, at a time which suits them best. Once they post the kits back to us, we will process the results and provide a full report and diagnosis within 2 working days, taking the pressure off both patient and referrer. Alternatively the kits can be sent out to hospitals for patients to carry out in clinic and then sent to our lab for analysis.

We Have Extensive Gut Experience

Our aim is to greatly improve the performance, delivery, analytical power and support for diagnostic services for patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders. We want to provide tests that help to diagnose the underlying causes of patient’s symptoms and work with our clinical partners to tailor management strategies to bring resolution to often long-standing and relapsing conditions.

  • Specialists in gut disorders

  • Professional, qualified staff

  • A proven medical track record

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Our Core Values

To provide you with exceptional diagnostic advice for the management of conditions.

Functional Gut Diagnostics  is instrumental in the treatment, education and service of patients with functional GI disorders in the UK

Our promise is to use state of the art technology to try and understand how your gut is functioning and to identify what is causing your troublesome symptoms.

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We are delighted with the feedback we are already getting from our new patients and clients.

‘After years of gastro-intestinal issues, I’m finally on the road to recovery thanks to FGD in Manchester”


”Great friendly, fast service. Expectations clear with lovely staff”

”Everyone was really helpful and kind. I was made to feel very comfortable”

”Everyone was so pleasant and very clear at explaining things. Thank you”

”A very professional team to deal with – delighted with the outcomes. I’d recommend FGD to others”


”Very Professional. I felt at ease, thank you”

”Everyone was very helpful and caring. I had no worries whatsoever”

”Very helpful staff that made me feel extremely comfortable”

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Please call us now on 0161 302 7777. You can email us at:



Contact Us

Please call us now on 0161 302 7777. You can email us for out of hours support too: admin@functionalgutdiagnostics.com